Tim Phizackerley: An Introduction:

Tim Phizackerley has studied the subconscious for almost 20 years. He is a skilled therapist, and has an international reputation in unlocking the power of the subconscious mind. He has been featured on TV and radio. His primary interests are the rapid and effective treatment of several conditions mostly related either to trauma or alcohol. He can also share a very powerful message for any business because understanding the subconscious mind can change everything. For multiple reviews, examples of his media mentions and appearances, therapist reviews, videos and contact you can do this through either website lined to below.

For PTSD or Trauma:

Trauma affects people in many ways. For details of Tim's trauma work and how to contact him for help with that just go here to www.ptsd-specialist.co.uk

For Alcohol Related Problems:

Tim is a specialist in rapid and more affordable alcohol treatment. If you need Tim to help you solve your alcohol related problem then you can get full details here.

For Anxiety & Other Issues:

Tim has carefully studied of the subconscious mind for almost 20 years and amongst his skills he has become a very skilled hypnotist and therapist. For his expertise on hypnosis, anxiety and other issues you can contact him here at www.britainsfastesthypnotist.com. (It is quite common for feelings of trauma and alcohol to be related.)

Keynote Speeches: The Subconscious Mind In Business:

The subconscious mind can unlock all manner of performance increases for business. Tim can deliver entertaining & thought provoking keynote speeches with demonstrations with a hugely powerful message.
Discover the subconscious mind and its key role in your business, including how it affects you, your staff, your sales, your goals and your business outcomes. Tim is a mind expert who has been featured on radio and TV and in the national press.

Learn simple effective techniques to improve performance in business.

- Happier & better performing
- Methods to eliminate sales barriers.
- Better relationships
- More motivation
- Eliminate fears
- Improve goal and target achievement

Harness the power of the subconscious mind in your business and personal life.

With a fascinating, entertaining and informative speech including demonstrations Tim will show you how mind sciences and new mind methods are already being used by some of the worlds top performers.

[Tim Phizackerley. B.Ed(Honours). D.Hyp (Distinction). GHR Reg. (Senior Qualification). MBCS (Chartered)]

Tim Phizackerley, Enterprise House, Harmire Park, Barnard Castle, County Durham, DL12 8XT
Tim can be emailed via his other websites. (www.ptsd-specialist.co.uk   www.www.britainsfastesthypnotist.com )

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