A Unique Alcohol Treatment Method Explained

Tim Phizackerley has been featured on TV and radio and in the national press. He is known internationally as a therapy expert and trainer. He uses a variety of unique methods to obtain his results.

From Rock Bottom To Sober Forever - the Book
Tim's successful work on chronic alcohol addiction has been carefully documented in detail.
"From Rock Bottom To Sober Forever" was written by one of Tim's former customers, Susan Laurie. Susan's book describes how Tim successfully removed her chronic alcohol addiction completely and totally despite the extreme and previously long lasting nature of the problem... and even though nothing else had ever worked for her before.
If you or your family wish to read the book it is highly recommended. It is a gripping and informative read. It is available on Amazon.co.uk.

The Process Itself Described
This affordable treatment method is totally unlike anything else.

After you send Tim your enquiry he will ask you to very carefully describe the circumstances and also the history behind it. He will very carefully read what you describe and he will work out a sequence of easy to implement steps. He needs a very clear picture of exactly what has happened so that he can help you.

If Tim believes that he can solve your problem or at least very significantly improve things for you then he will quote a fixed price for his time.

Session 1.
The first session requires no travel whatsoever and it will probably take place either by telephone or by Skype. This avoids the need for travel, or accomodation or the need to drive. Based upon your specific details he will describe some very simple steps to undertake for a few minutes each day. (These steps are designed ot create specific subconscious changes).
You then simply follow the easy to do things that he has described and suggested. What hugely surprises most people is that these steps do not even include trying not to drink. These unusual initial steps are unique to each person and their history.

You then just update him as to your progress. His intent with session 1 is that you should quickly find that both your cravings and your alcohol consumption will begin to reduce very significantly, very easily and also naturally. This stage can seem extremely surprising indeed - especially because his method does not rely at all upon trying not to drink.

This first session is also purposefully very low cost. This is because he wants you to be able to personally verify the effectiveness of his methods with session 1 and to experience beneficial results before ever paying anything at all to see him in person. Success with session 1 also prepares his clients for success with session 2.

Session 2.
As long as both you and Tim are happy with the results of session 1 ... the second session can be organised.
In the second session Tim undertakes the remainder of the treatment. The second session is almost always done in person. The second session is designed to build on the successes already achieved with session 1 and then to undertake to switch the problem off altogether.

As you can see, no other treatment type is anything like this and by doing things in these two steps you can fully verify Tim's methods genuinely work for you long before even paying to see him in person.
It is designed to allow you to experience positive results in short timescales with very minimal effort. Then you only proceed to session 2 because you are absolutely delighted that it genuinely is working. The second and final session will involve multiple elements which Tim needs to do in person. It will also most likely include hypnosis in which Tim is a recognised expert and trainer. (If you search for 'Britain’s Fastest Hypnotist' Tim's name will appear.) The intent with the session 2 is to release you completely and permanently. In order to understand this experience more fully you may wish to read Susan Laurie’s book “From Rock Bottom to Sober Forever” because she described what that experience was like for her and also what life has been like afterward.

View Multiple Reviews, Endorsements and Contact
In addition to several book mentions and media reports Tim has been praised and endorsed by countless clients and also by therapists from right all across the world.
Alcohol and trauma are frequently closely connected. This is why Tim focuses his professional attention on both.
You can see Reviews, Videos and Contact at his trauma website

[Tim Phizackerley. B.Ed(Honours). D.Hyp (Distinction). GHR Reg. (Senior Qualification). MBCS (Chartered)]

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Tim can be emailed via his other websites. (www.ptsd-specialist.co.uk   www.www.britainsfastesthypnotist.com )

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